League of the Pantheon "capital city"?

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League of the Pantheon "capital city"?

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Does the League of the Pantheon and their army The Sword of the True Gods have one particular capital city or can I just choose one?
I get that they're all separate city states with their own caliph, but they do seem unified in some ways.

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Re: League of the Pantheon "capital city"?

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The Al Qadim Land of Fate box set, product #1077, states (on page 95 of the Adventurer's Guide to Zakhara booklet:
The headquarters of the Panthiest League and home of the League Conclave is the city of I'tiraf, to which all other Pantheist cities send an ambassador and representatives.

It also says:
Each Pantheist city also sends representatives to Huzuz.
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Re: League of the Pantheon "capital city"?

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BlackBat242 wrote:
Wed Mar 04, 2015 7:05 am
It also says:
Each Pantheist city also sends representatives to Huzuz.
What is the relationship with Huzuz like?

Is it like Switzerland and the EU?
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Re: League of the Pantheon "capital city"?

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Each city defers to Huzuz, but aren't ruled directly by it. The League is unique in that it's a multi-city organization. While not a nation, per se, it's larger than any one city, excepting maybe Huzuz, and it's commonality allows the League to punch about it's weight class.

That said, the League is not a monolithic organization. Each city is still independent, to a degree, and there is some internal bickering.

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