[Shadowrun 5e] Runner's Tool Kit Alpha Ware

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[Shadowrun 5e] Runner's Tool Kit Alpha Ware

Post by shesheyan »

I've been looking at this starter box set for over several years now. It came out at the end of 2014. Managed to grab it at 50% off yesterday. It's shock full of content. Haven't read anything yet. I'm hoping this help me finally RUN a game of Shadowrun. The 5e book I bought when it came was not well laid out for GM who didn't know the system. Do you still play Shadowrun?

Included :
• Fully detailed character booklets with statistics, background information, preferred tactics, and a solo adventure for each character;
• Rules of the Street, a rulebook with spells, guns, combat options, and everything that makes Shadowrun great;
• Plots and Paydata, a book with a collection of fully detailed adventures, a trove of non-player characters, and hooks for future adventures;
• Eight double-sided maps to help players and gamemasters track the action;
• A handful of six-sided dice;
• And more tools to make playing and running the game easier!


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