Who and What are the Dragon Kings and Queens?

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Who and What are the Dragon Kings and Queens?

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We know from Bruce's teaser stories that there are divine or semi-divine beings referred to as Dragon Queens and Kings. Azar serves the Black Dragon Queen, and has (in episode 4) fought against the forces of the Red Dragon King.

The Black Dragon Queen / Sayble seems to have immense (possibly divine) powers. She also sires offspring with Azar.

Could the red draconic hounds be offspring of the Red Dragon King (or perhaps the lead hound).

Who or what do you think these Dragons are? Are they extremely powerful mortals, or are the divine beings? Are there more of them (one for each color)? Are their multiple "Dragon Kings or Queens" of the same color?
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Re: Who and What are the Dragon Kings and Queens?

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From Reborn:
Before him, perhaps a hundred steps away, sat a most magnificent queen on a throne of obsidian. She seemed immense, at least three times his own size, perhaps more. He couldn’t quite tell. He felt he’d always known her. Her attire’s tight-fitting black leather contrasted with her skin’s pearly paleness and black hair. His own nudity did not shame him, for she was mother, mistress, and monarch—a goddess before her mortal servant. He had naught to hide while she peered into his heart and mind. Whatever distance truly separated them failed to prevent Azar from perceiving her eyes as if she gazed into his from just a few inches away. Green and marbled with gold, her irises sheathed vertical pupils that briefly vanished under nictitating membranes when she blinked.
I bolded the most explicit statement. If you take this literally, Sayble is indeed divine.

Somewhat differently from Mystara, she is also clearly the queen of her own realm, commanding mortals to do her bidding, and indeed having them fight proxy wars with other dragon gods.

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