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Calidar Sales Kickoff

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 1:53 pm
by Ambreville
Calidar Sales Kickoff

Many among you who have missed Calidar's original Kickstarter event, along with backers who picked an entry-level tier, have been asking: "when and where will I be able to get all that good stuff?"

Fret not! This day is fast coming.

I placed the answer to your question in a separate page to be easier to locate later on. Sorry for the redirect. Click here for the right location, or at the top of the blog page on the tab labeled:

Where Can I get Calidar?

Re: Calidar Sales Kickoff

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 2:24 pm
by Big Mac
I thought I would copy over what is there now, so that we can see what was available in September 2014 (in the future):
Bruce Heard at About Bruce Heard and New Stories wrote:Fulfillment for Calidar's Kickstarter rewards is reaching its conclusion. All hardcover books have been shipped either from the US or the UK printers and should be delivered within the next several days for the most part. All poster maps have been mailed out and most beneficiaries should have received them by now. All coupons for PDF files have been sent out as well. The softcover version of the book, alas, still languishes at the printer with various production issues unrelated to the author. This softcover book will be sent to the appropriate beneficiaries as soon as it becomes available from the printer.

The original plan was to complete the entire Kickstarter fulfillment before enabling general sales. Despite the softcover book's production delays, general sales will begin on Saturday 20th 2014. Links will be enabled here on this date. So far, this concerns the following items:
  • CAL1 Calidar "In Stranger Skies" hardcover book: 132 pages, 8.5"x11.5", premium color, 70# paper, printed on demand via DriveThruRPG. It includes two main sections. The first tells a story introducing the heroes, their skyship, and the Calidar universe. The second part provides a gazetteer fleshing out the fantasy setting, the gods, heroes and villains, a collection of monsters, and skyships of this universe. It is packed in a rigid cardboard mailer and either shipped (by the printer) from the US or the UK, depending on its final destination.
  • "The Great Caldera" CAL1GC poster map: This 22"x28" poster displays an area more than 2,500 miles across, providing a detailed overview of 10 kingdoms. The poster map is printed on 70# non-gloss paper, single sided, and folded to fit within 7.5"x11.5". This poster map can be purchased on EBay*, and is shipped from the US in a bubble-padded mailer for protection.
  • "The Kingdom of Meryath" CAL1KM poster map: This 22"x28" poster displays an area more than 600 miles across, providing a detailed overview of the realm's four islands. The map is rendered in classical OSR hex grid format, with symbols representing terrain type and urban centers. The poster map is printed on 70# non-gloss paper, single sided, and folded to fit within 7.5"x11.5". It can be purchased on EBay*, and is shipped from the US in a bubble-padded mailer for protection.
  • Calidar "In Stranger Skies" PDF file: This is the complete digital version of the Calidar book. This document is fully bookmarked, indexed, and printable. Click here for a preview of its features.
  • Calidar Airman Edition PDF File: This is a lower cost, shortened digital version of the Calidar book. It only provides the story "In Stranger Skies" without its gazetteer section. This document is fully bookmarked and printable.
* The two poster maps can be combined on Ebay to minimize shipping. Stock available thru Ebay is limited to 150 poster maps (total) per 30 day period. Depending on sales volume this limitation (imposed by Ebay) may be relaxed in November. Poster maps will not be available for much of October as I won't be personally available to process your orders. This page will be updated accordingly.

The softcover version will be added to this list, with its active link, as soon as possible. Another PDF document, "Under the Great Vault," exists but it is a bonus promotional product that was offered exclusively to Calidar's original Kickstarter backers, and therefore isn't listed for general sales. When the next crowd-funding event comes around, "Under the Great Vault" should become available to new backers as an add-on item. A kindle version of the book may also emerge in the following months, which will be offered through
If anyone is thinking of buying the Calidar Airman Edition, I would strongly suggest they consider getting the full version of "In Stranger Skies". As a backer, I got sent both books and it is crazy to drop the gazeteer information to save yourselves a few pounds.

Issue with WotC & Bye-Bye Princess Ark

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:53 pm
by Ambreville

The original blog post, "Bye Bye Princess Ark," was the one that got things flying for The World of Calidar, registering nearly 4,000 views so far. It is amazing that this announcement reached this many people since it was posted, about a year and a half ago. Calidar's first book, "In Stranger Skies," has now finally been released.

I would like to thank everyone who welcomed this announcement and supported this project. For those among you who might have missed its release, you can now find the first of two versions, the hardcover book, on DTRPG. The softcover version will be available in a few weeks.

If you're willing to go further in your support, get the book or its PDF file, and pass the word around to friends and fellow gamers. If you already have the book, a review would be wonderful. For a small press indie like me, this kind of help goes a long way toward making new titles possible. Whatever you decide, thank you to all of you.