Fan Adventures 1 - Ghule

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Fan Adventures 1 - Ghule

Post by Sturm »

Hi all, I was revising existing Calidar material as I said in this thread ( ... 705961758d)

It seems the first specific sneak preview of the blog was about Ghule ( so I'll begin with it. The concept itself it's a treasure trove of adventures :D
The article says Ghule's evil gods come from another reality and consume the flesh of intelligent creatures.. I see a possibile tie with Planescape here as they sound similar to demon lords. As written, Ghule and its inhabitants are embodyment of evil who can only serve as villains, but I'm also tempted to put some more hues in this picture.. Bruce Heard, in The Orcs of Thar, was also one of the few, maybe the only, game designer who gave us a sympathetic view of orcs and humanoids.

So possible adventure ideas:

- Ghule raiders, the most obvious one. Defending from them, but also retrieving captives or treasures they stolen, with a possible very dangerous trip to Ghule itself before it goes too much far away. Gathering allies could be necessary. If a treasure or a person was taken five years earlier, it may possible to try to recover it, him or her five years later (or even 45, if not already devoured)? Also, past history of Ghulean raids? Did they ever succeed in kidnapping heroes, monarchs or even demi-gods? What if Calidar propaganda has exaggerated a bit the danger of Ghule? Maybe they are raiders but their gods are not as evil as depicted. Maybe captives are put to work but not eaten, and not treated too bad. Maybe they try to defeat but not kill, to raid again their victims at a later time. This picture that tones down Ghulian evil may be more appropriate to children, depicting them more as merry pirates than minions of evil. What if their "gods" are dragons? demons? Cthulhuian Outer Beings? Would a Calidar god or demigod be bold enough to lead a crusade against them?

- Ghule inhabitants stranded in Calidar, another obvious one. How they will survive the Dread land? Will they be able to gather enough treasure and slaves to appease their people once Ghulean raiders return? The struggle of an humanoid party in the Dread Lands, with the constant menace of fell folks and humans heroes too would make Imho a very funny (if maybe short) campaign. In the Great Caldera region there is no Dread Land, but there will be many adventurers hunting them at every step. The life of the poor tribe could be easier if they manage to stole a skyship, or if they still have their Gron.

- Ghule inhabitants stranded in one of the moon. Elves and gnomes are prized as captives on Ghule, but probably Aloreans will try anything to eradicate humanoids in their moon, so life could be tricky. The same would happen in Kragdur and Munaan, where orcs would also have to adapt to the alien environments.

- Ghule inhabitants stranded in Lao-Kwei or Kumoshima: dangerous locations too for the lonely orcs, but maybe in Lao-Kwei the enterprising orc chief could find allies among the Kahuulkin, or use some of their ancient technology?

- Ghule inhabitants stranded in the Fringe. I like the Fringe as populated by wayfarers and several demianimal races, but some ghulean too could live there since centuries, and have adapted to their new home. They could be accepted inhabitants of Canis Major or accepted allies of the Wayfarers. What if Ghuleans come back to search for them, or raid their former brothers?

- A Ghulean crew raiding all around. If a tribe of orcs still has its Gron or has stolen a Skyship, why should they stay where they are? They could raid around, and maybe stole some seitha too. A skyship of adventurers could be soon dispatched to hunt them.

- Ghuleans in Draconia: Ghule never pass near to Draconia, but maybe some stranded Gron has reached it in the past, and now there are humanoids in the service of some Dragon God? What if they are sent to Ghule again to discover the secrets of their former gods? Another idea, a ghulean tribe managed to survive free in Draconia. Could Meryath or another power ally with them to have a foothold in the realm of the dragons? The enemy of my enemy :) Or the other way around, with Draconia striking some temporary alliance with Ghule?

- Rebels in Ghule itself. Maybe some Ghulean are tired to be slave or their gods. Maybe they have found a way to put the planet in a permanent orbit in the Calidar Ephemeris. Maybe they need help. Maybe a dragon has accepted to help them in exchange for alliance. What if Ghule becomes a puppet of Draconia? Will the Ghulean gods strike back, trying to retake their world? With which kind of other minions?

- Which races exactly inhabits Ghule? Orcs, goblins, trolls and ogres are nominated. I suppose this also include hobgoblins and bugbears. What about gnolls and kobolds? Minotaurs? other creatures? Does Ghule have native animals and plants?

- Please suggest more!

I used the title Fan Adventure to leave it similar to the original above thread started by Yaztromo. This has been crossposted on the Calidar forum too: ... p?f=4&t=36
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Re: Fan Adventures 1 - Ghule

Post by Yaztromo »

I put there Chthuluesque creatures such as the Maijem-Nosoth as well. ;)
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