Calidar in Threshold magazine

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Calidar in Threshold magazine

Post by Sturm »

Hi all, I'm a bit late for this as the issue was published some time ago, but in issue #11 of Threshold Magazine, the fan magazine dedicated to Mystara, there is also some Calidar content.
You can download the issue here:
And here is the main page of the magazine in the Vaults of Pandius, the official Mystara fan site:

The magazine contains:
A short story by Bruce Heard set in Alphatia, Mystara, on page 7
An article about connecting Calidar to Mystara, written by me, on page 11
An interview to the Calidar cartographer Thorfinn Tait on page 22.

So it's worth to flag it for Calidar fans too :)

(This was also posted on the Calidar forum here: ... p?f=4&t=67 but I think it could be useful to put this bit of info here at the Piazza too!)
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