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Races of Calidar

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:37 pm
by Zeromaru X
I have curiosity about this setting, and usually are the races who sell me a setting. I've read Calidar's blog, but I didn't find the races section (or a section dedicated to races), so here are my questions.

Beyond the main three (humans, elves, dwarves), what kind of races do exists in Calidar? There are more playable races than those three?

Do dragons have an special place on Calidar or are just the monster of the week? (I'm biased towards dragons, so, +10 if dragons are prominent)

How about portability? There is room to export races from other settings?

Re: Races of Calidar

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:30 am
by Angelika Tatsu
Calidar is pretty system-less, but is grown out of D&D tropes...with those tropes turned on their sides. Dragons are present. Checked the book, but no reference in the creature section. Well, I know they are mentioned...I remember that much from skimming and reading sections.

Re: Races of Calidar

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:29 am
by Azure Admiral
Generally speaking, a funny way to introduce the PCs to Calidar is via the Vortex (cosmic anomalies), so the players could arrive in this new world using characters coming from almost any other reality (real world or fictional), with little or no memories left of their past.

Other setting’s races described in CAL1 besides humans are the Fellfolks (Calidar native tribal kin), Gnomes, Caniseans, Felineans, Orcs too (intended as Orcs, Ogres, Trolls, goblins and the like…), the mysterious Starfolks…
Hybrid races (Half-orcs and Half-elf..) are also present, at least in a minor extent from which I’ve read until now.

Consider that some of these and other races could come from other planets than Calidar, but all gravitating in the Soltan Ephemeris. With skyships, and other transports types, all of these races can get in contact each other. Some of these races can be anyway more or less easy to use as pc races, because their specific background peculiarities (for example, see the Orcs, which live for the most in a dungeon planet, which only periodically get near other planets orbits).

Yes, definitively the dragons’ race has a special place and background on the setting. Most of dragons, Dragons Lords and other dragon kin (reptiles etc…) hail from Draconia, a little hollow world near Soltan. Having a pc race from these progenies could be an interest taking to work on.

IIRC Dragons should be found on Calidar too, by nature of evil temperament. On the numbers, we don’t
have fine details yet, but I presume we’ll know more in future Calidar publications.

This is a general overview however, do I miss something here?

Re: Races of Calidar

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:38 pm
by Ambreville
Calidar's PC races are the same as in any mainstream D&D-like game -- at least this is the assumption since Calidar isn't based on any particular set of game mechanics. The other assumption is that PCs can be imported from other settings, regardless of their actual races or classes. The basic setting otherwise describes humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, fellfolk (the only human-like race native to the planet itself), and gnomes. The latter are the most ancient race (older yet than elves) and are related to both dwarves and elves (there's a lot more detail about this in CC1 "Beyond the Skies.") There is a plan to develop a half-efreeti race for the Emirates of Narwan. This is certainly a trend that likely to continue through other realms of the Great Caldera, and beyond (the other worlds in Soltan's Ephemeris). For example, there has been mention so far of at least one sorceress with demonic ancestry (it's something in store for the magiocracy of Caldwen). Dragons do enjoy a variety of related sub-species (kobolds are thought to be related to dragons for example). Dragons are native of a separate world called Draconia. Its denizens are mostly evil. They've been fighting a war for as long as Calidarans have known of Draconia's existence. So far, it appears the evil ones won control of their world. It is believed their opponents have fled Soltan's Ephemeris. There also are starfolk, so far a mysterious races (or a group of rival races) dwelling outside Soltan's Ephemeris or in the outer planes. The Kahuulkin are an ancient race native of Lao-Kwei (a red planet understood as a Mars-style "Calidar-China"). The Kahuulkin destroyed their civilization and turned much of Lao-Kwei into a desert, centuries after which, humans from Munaan (one of Calidar's three moons) showed up, took over Kahuul, and renamed it Lao-Kwei. Hybrids are certainly possible here as well. The subject of PC races is certainly wide open.

Re: Races of Calidar

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:23 pm
by Zeromaru X
Thanks, Ambreville and Azure Admiral! Your explanations are very complete. I like the idea of various planets and that stuff, because it allow for portability of races from other settings or homebrewed.

I also like the idea of of Calidar being "mechanic-less", because I could adapt it easily to the current system I'm using (5e. I'm unwilling to learn a new system so soon).

Re: Races of Calidar

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:27 pm
by Ambreville
Glad we could help. The present universe includes "planet" Calidar with its three moons, Alorea, Kragdûr, and Munaan (and other planes). The first is the birthplace of the elves (mostly tree-hugging fascists, dwarves hail from the second (picture steam-punk Klingons there), and humans originated from the third. Gnomes began their existence as a race on both Alorea and Kragdûr (this is explained in CC1, Beyond the Skies), while the fellfolk are natives of Calidar. Other planets include Draconia (a Hollow World), Lao-Kwei (see my earlier post), and a vast asteroid belt surrounding Soltan's Ephemeris, in which essentially "anything goes." Two miniature worlds exist there, Felis Minor and Canis Major, homeworlds of the Feliseans and Caniseans (cat and dog people.) There is Ghüle, an artificial world from an outer plane, which is frozen on the outside but otherwise contains a planet-sized dungeon. It is populated with monsters (mostly orcs and other humanoids), and they use this world to raid other universes before vanishing back into their plane. Calidar's "Known World" is called the Great Caldera, a ring-like region colonized by the lunar races. The rest of Calidar's surface is a dangerous, living wilderness called the Dread Lands. Calidar, as a book series, tends to focus on skyships as well as air and space travel. So, yeah, there are plenty of opportunities to add new races.