Iconic Calidar characters

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Iconic Calidar characters

Post by Aergraith »

Are the iconic Calidar characters really the Princess Ark characters transported to a different dimension in new bodies?

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Re: Iconic Calidar characters

Post by Sturm »

This was discussed in this thread some time ago: viewtopic.php?f=91&t=12711&p=150311 but also elsewhere I think Bruce specified they are not the same characters, even if there are some similarities between them...
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Re: Iconic Calidar characters

Post by Thorf »

There are definitely some similarities, as you would expect from having the same author. But in the end the Calidar characters stand by themselves, with their own personalities and idiosyncrasies.

Here's hoping we get to hear more from them in the near future. :D

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Re: Iconic Calidar characters

Post by Ambreville »

Good point. Yes, they are separate people. I tried to keep some similarities. To avoid legal issues, I had to go this way of course. Now that I'm done with CA1 Dreams of Aerie, I'll be working on its Kickstarter. Once this is out of the way too and contracts are written for everyone else involved, I can start working on CAL2, and another episode of the Star Phoenix.
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