[map] Calidar World Map (with climate)

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[map] Calidar World Map (with climate)

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Thorf has posted a map of the World of Calidar with weather patterns on Patreon! It's too big to fit here, but here is the blurb:
Thorfinn on Patreion wrote:Calidar World Map
Jan 17 at 2:50pm

I'm still working on a post outlining my plans for this year. In the meantime I've been sidetracked in a wonderful way, and ended up working up this new 18 x 12 world map. I wanted to post something special as the first map of 2018, and I hope you agree that this fits the bill very nicely.

It's a reimagining of CAL1's world maps, presenting them in the format I originally envisioned way back in 2013.

The main map uses the Van der Grinten IV projection, which recalls old world maps showing the two hemispheres of the world next to each other. But instead of separating the world into two circles, Van der Grinten IV merges them down the middle — making it uniquely suited to Calidar, whose prime meridian intersects the political centre of the world (and the setting), the Great Caldera.

What this means is that the Great Caldera appears unbroken at the centre top of the map, with all the other continents round about it — perfect for Calidar.

But I didn't stop there. Next, I added small polar maps to illustrate the extremes of the world, which otherwise get short thrift from the main map. Not really visible here is a major background upgrade since CAL1: I have now vectorised all of the world's coastlines (greatly helped by the iPad Pro!). This makes it far easier to work with these maps, as they take less memory and system resources — always a pressing concern.

After that, I decided to add in the meteorological data from CAL1. It makes the map a bit busy, but when dealing with climate it's invaluable to have all of this right there in a single map.

The final touch is some statistics and miscellaneous info around the edges. I'd love to add more of this, but this was what I could find for now. In the top left we have all of Calidar's main numerical measurements, in both kilometres and miles. (As an aside, it's pretty obvious from these numbers that the world was actually designed in km.) Then I placed the calendar in the top right for easy reference.

Now all we need to do is persuade Bruce to release this as a print on DTRPG!
I've not really looked at Van der Grinten IV projection before, but this looks pretty impressive. And I like the way that Thorf has put information into the blank bits around the map, without it looking cluttered.
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Re: [map] Calidar World Map (with climate)

Post by Yaztromo »

Really nice!
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Re: [map] Calidar World Map (with climate)

Post by Sturm »

It's a wonderful map indeed!
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