The Dark Side

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The Dark Side

Post by Havard »

Not sure about the most recent Star Wars RPG, but AFAIK both WEG's D6 Star Wars and the two D20 Star Wars RPGs from WotC had a mechanic where certain actions would result in Force Sensitive characters gaining Dark Side points which could eventually lead to them going over to the Dark Side and becoming NPCs.

Did any of you ever have problems determining what actions would lead to getting Dark Side points? If so, what type of situations did you find the most difficult?


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Re: The Dark Side

Post by agathokles »

In Saga, the cases in which you get a DSP are pretty clear, with DSPs being assigned in more cases in eras when the Dark Side is ascendant (e.g., the Force Unleashed era). In lighter times, DSPs may be assigned only for use of Dark Side Force powers, for explicitly turning to the Dark Side to get more Force Points, or for truly evil acts.
Personally, I never had significant problems with this mechanic.


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