[Old Republic] What resources?

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[Old Republic] What resources?

Post by Havard »

Regardless of edition/system, what are the best resources to read up on the Old Republic (ie KotOR) era setting?


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Re: [Old Republic] What resources?

Post by Nate Christen »


I recommend the Knights of the Old Republic sourcebook for Saga Edition, along with the Tales of the Jedi supplement for d6.

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Re: [Old Republic] What resources?

Post by agathokles »

KotOR is the most comprehensive RPG source book on the era.
Tales of the Jedi is more limited, but useful for d6.
For d20, there's something in the Dark Side Sourcebook, IIRC.

The Iridonian Darkness adventure is set in the KotOR era.
Beyond that, the comics and CRPGs are the best sources.


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