Living Force: Cularin! [recruiting]

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Living Force: Cularin! [recruiting]

Post by Yaztromo » Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:04 pm

This campaign is made of multiple short adventures (typically for 4-6 characters, each of them designed to take approx 3-4 hours in real time play). Rather than a classic, linear campaign, it is a living world, where multiple adventures can be happening at the same time in different places of the gaming world.

This game is always open to new players and each player may have more than one character playing at the same time in different adventures. Right now, we are two GMs, so we can follow different groups of characters in parallel, but, if in the future there will be too many characters, we will simply look for more GMs to keep up with them.

As a player, you will first join the game, you will create your character(s) and then you will apply from time to time with your characters to the various adventures, as they open up for applications.

Please note that we are very open to transfering characters from other Star Wars Saga Edition games and even from other Star Wars games, once we figure out together the best way to convert the Character Sheets.

This living world campaign is set on the peculiar world of Cularin, it starts about one year after the events of The Phantom Menace and it follows in general the Living Force Campaign Guide (RPGA Network) by Robert Wiese and Andy Collins. The ruleset of choice is Star Wars Saga Edition and character creation follows the guideline proposed for Dawn of Defiance official campaign.

Welcome to Cularin system!
Cularin is a system in the Expansion Region of the Galaxy, close to the Corellian Run Trade Route and it possesses a variety of resources that attracts the interest of sentient beings across the galaxy. Gravitic anomalies and gravity shadows make hyperspace travel to Cularin expensive and time-consuming, giving the system a sense of remoteness while still being in the midst of galactic activities.
Tibanna and irolunn gas, rare woods, ch'hala trees and various crystals are all valuable commodities here. The Republic Government, the Metatheran Trading Cartel, the so-called Smugglers' Confederation and many honest (and dishonest) merchants flock to the system like mynocks to a ship's hull. In their wake come explorers, bounty hunters, fringers hoping to make their fortunes, gamblers, exiled politicians from other systems - everything the galaxy has to offer. The system's main planet, Cularin, serves as a base for many of these interests, as well as a home to the system's native sentient species, the Tarasin. Genarius, a planetary gas giant, harbors huge floating cities that mine gas, manufacture technology, offer gambling and entice with other entertainment. The asteroid beld hides smugglers, pirates, rogue Jedi and even a few honest beings that just want privacy. Even the moons hold life, supporting many commercial operations. Unfortunately, with ten million beings living on the system's three main planets and seven moons, evil finds plenty of places to hide.
The Force is strong here, as the ancient Sith knew well. A half-buried forterss on the desert side of Almas stands as a mute testment to their interest to the system over a thousand years ago. The Tarasin have a natural ability with the Force that Jedi only begun to understand. One of the moons provides excellent crystals for lightsabers - the crystals have drawn Jedi here for decades. The natural strength of the Force is the reason why Nerra Ziveri cam here to build a new Jedi academy. That, and the need to keep a watchful eye on the Sith fortress.

This campaign has been ongoing on Role Play on Line for over a year and new players are always welcome! Check it out:
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