Free ghost story - sort of Kozakura-related

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Free ghost story - sort of Kozakura-related

Post by Teramis »

In honor of the day, here is a free short story about a vengeful ghost. This tale comes from my Qua-lun fantasy world, which was a precursor to (and inspired much of) my design work on Kozakura in the Kara-tur setting.

This Asian-flavored ghost story can be downloaded free at this link:

Li-Wan's Revenge: ... ost-story/
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Re: Free ghost story - sort of Kozakura-related

Post by Big Mac »

Thanks for sharing this Teramis. It is always nice to have free stories to read. :)

I wonder if a GM could raid ideas from Li-Wan’s Revenge and use them as an adventure hook for a Kara-Tur game set in Kozakura. I am still learning about Kara-Tur (and am not yet a Kozakura expert). Is there anything in the story that you think might clash with how Kozakura would work, or could everything in the story be used as ideas for adventure hooks there?
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