Classic RPGA call to arms for GenCon 50

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Classic RPGA call to arms for GenCon 50

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Donald J. Bingle and Skip Williams are trying to arrange some sort of event with one or more classic RPGA adventures for Gen Con 50 and, they need your help.

Here is what Donald J. Bingle said over on Facebook:
Donald J. Bingle on Facebook wrote:Okay, so it looks like Skip Williams and I may actually get some kind of classic RPGA event(s) going for GenCon 50. Still working out some details, but Skip has gotten the powers that be onboard with the concept. So, I need to hear NOW from anyone who is willing to help out with coordinating judges, running the RPGA paperwork, marshalling, DMing, and/or writing. Also, suggestions for what you want (not promising, though, we can do anything suggested). One round AD&D 2nd? Multiround? Rerun some old classics? Comment here or private message me. I'm looking at you: Carol Clarkson Ken Ritchart Saul Resnikoff Cheryl Frech Randall Lemon Rocco Pisto Thomas L Prusa Lynn Prusa Keith Polster Gregg Belcher Old School Gamers RCSFA and EGG Alumni and Friends Mary Konczyk Rembert Parker Gary S Watkins Wayne Straiton Bruce Rabe Jean Rabe Bill Gilsdorf Bill Sherman Spread the word.
Is anyone on The Piazza a former member of the RPGA staff?

I believe we have a couple of people here who were involved in Living City: Raven's Bluff and Living Jungle. Would you be interested in seeing either of those revived for Gen Con 50.

I'm not sure that Living Greyhawk (which is 3rd Edition) or Living Forgotten Realms (which is 4th Edition) are covered by Skip William's OK with "the powers that be" but do we have anyone who did either of those, who would like to see Living Greyhawk/Living Forgotten Realms return for Gen Con 50? (Would the Greyhawk Reborn team be willing to help run classic 3e Living Greyhawk events for Gen Con 50?) Or would you be willing to jump back to 2e and help get those run again.

Would anyone be willing to run those four RPGA events for Spelljammer? (Can I get a passport, a visa and a ticket to Gen Con 50...and sleep in the bath in someone's hotel room, if they do? :shock: )

I'd love to see this happen, even though I'll almost certainly not be there. Please spread the word.
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