Smoke Ball of Medea

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Smoke Ball of Medea

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Smoke Ball of Medea aka Herbal Remedy: Protection from Gorgons

Smoke Balls of Medea are gray-black lumpy balls resembling licorice. Each is approximately the diameter of a gold piece.

A Smoke Ball is used by setting it alight, dropping it on the ground, and standing in the dense 10’ diameter sphere of smoke that the burning ball emits. The smoke is not poisonous although it may well make a character cough or choke temporarily. After two combat rounds the Smoke Ball is consumed, the smoke clears and the character who bathed in the smoke now has the effect of a unique spell, Protection from Gorgons. This very ancient spell, now only surviving in this magic item, provides unlimited immunity to the breath weapon of the Gorgon.

The Protection from Gorgons effect endures for 10 hours from the time the character bathes in the smoke.

Weight: 0.2 cn each Cost: 600gp

As a Herbal Remedy:
Chemists, Herbalists (Specialist hireling with Craft(Herbal Remedy)), Sages and those with Craft (Herbal Remedy) can create a Smoke Ball of Medea by combining three parts Whitestone with two parts Pitch, two parts Powdered Cockatrice Droppings, a pinch of Mummy Dust and a pinch of Powdered Crystal, combined in a stone bowl with a dram of Wyvern Saliva. There is no risk of explosion or infection for a failed roll to create a Smoke Ball of Medea.


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