Pathfinder Cards / Starfinder Cards

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Pathfinder Cards / Starfinder Cards

Post by Havard »

Trying to make a list of all the products for Pathfinder and Starfinder containing decks of cards. Have I forgotten any?

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Starfinder Cards
  • Starfinder Condition Cards
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Re: Pathfinder Cards / Starfinder Cards

Post by timemrick »

I own the following Pathfinder Cards:

Condition Cards (I use these almost every session!)
Rules Reference Flash Cards
Chase Cards (I believe there is a 2nd set that came out recently?)
Social Combat (work similar to chase cards)

There is also a Buff Deck, which I very much want to acquire, but sadly, it's long out of print and thus goes for astronomical prices from resellers.

There are also Critical Hit (and Fumble?) decks and at least two Plot Twist decks.
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