Races for The Edge

We left our old worlds, each of us. This is it. We can't go any farther. This is The Edge.
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Re: Races for The Edge

Post by dulsi »

Ashtagon wrote:bullwug (Monsters of Faerun - not open content)
siv (Monsters of Faerun - not open content)
lizardfolk (SRD, I believe)
yuan-ti (MM1 - not open content) (what's their status in d20 Modern SRD?)
kuo-toa (MM1 - not open content)
If we use the SRD, we have to use OGL. Lizardfolk are not a D&D specific creature (although usually called lizardmen). Some type of frog/toad humanoid is possible. Same with fish and serpent people. (Don't remember what the siv are of the top of my head.)
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Re: Races for The Edge

Post by Havard »

Ashtagon wrote:I agree. No half-races. The half-elf never really had a proper niche anyway.
One possible way around this is to have "bloodline" feats. Cross-race reproduction might be difficult, but possible through use of magic and such. This would mean that half-breed races are stuff of legend, but that many will claim to be descendants of such legenedary creatures. In cases where this is actually true, there might be advantages of being a descendent of the lengendary half-gnome....


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Re: Races for The Edge

Post by Vile »

I'd rather do without half-races altogether. Although I've still got some way to go in reading through these threads, I'm getting a strong vibe of lots of different races and cultures which are forcibly thrown together on Thalassa. There is no dominant existing culture to assimilate them, so difference is the norm rather than integration. I think we should strive to make the difference between the races (and unrelated cultures of the same or similar races) the defining feature of the Thalassan population.

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