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Post by Dragonhelm »

One of my favorite parts of C&C is how easy it is to adopt rules from other systems to C&C. You could easily come up with a composite system of sorts.

I was wondering if anyone had tried this, and to what success they had. What are the pitfalls?
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Re: Franken-System!

Post by rabindranath72 »

The main problem with expanding C&C with other stuff is that most of the race and class abilities of the game work as either feats or skills from 3e. This overlap implies that you should be careful to add a skill or feat system, since you don't want to intrude in the field of the races and classes who have abilities replicating skills/feats.
The most valuable addition to the game I have experimented with is in terms of general skills, as described in a free web enhancement released by TLG some time ago (which was written by Gary Gygax himself.) Essentially, these general skills provide limited areas of proficiency for all classes, sometimes replicating the effects of class abilities, but with very limited effects (e.g. just a +2 bonus rather than the full level.)

Also borrowing a limited subset of feats from the SRD works, once you have removed the overlaps. For example some metamagic feats are useful; less so item creation feats, since the ability to create items, though not described as a class ability, is reported in the chapter on magic items creation in M&T.

Something which really needs to be added is a working surprise system; the existing one is totally broken. I use the AD&D 2e one, which requires some clarification w.r.t. racial and class abilities, and some tweaks to monsters. I wrote a document in which I describe the full system, and update all of the monsters in M&T; if I have time I will post it.

Finally, a morale system would be nice. Also in this case I use the AD&D 2e one, since it's fairly generic and works mostly as-is.

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Re: Franken-System!

Post by Boddynock »

I know this is kind of an old thread but I'd like to comment on the recent patch work system I've made.

1) Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Skill points are bad but in my experience a lot of people just pumped the points into the core skills. Nothing wrong with that, but I just find it easier to pick slotted proficiencies with fixed numbers (especially in conjunction with the Siege Engine mechanic.)

2) Magic: I've starting to use the Castle Keeper Guide's 'Mana Point' variant instead of Vancian fire and forget. The mechanic itself comes out of the CKG, but it reminds me of Savage World's Power Point system which I like a lot too.

3) Dual-Classes and Favorite Classes: This comes from Pathfinder. While I offer the option of Multiclass/Dual Classed characters I like the idea of offering perks to people who wish to stick to single level. Basically every time they level and stick to the same class, I give them an extra HP, every little bit helps.

4) Alternate Monster Experience Matrix - I found this also on Dragonsfoot, it claims to be based off AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide and gives higher totals for monsters. I don't know if this equates to 'Frankensystem' but I like to give players a little bit of a boost.

To sum up, while third edition creeps in. I'd personal say a lot of the patch work is from 2nd Edition just because I own a lot of 2nd AD&D. Several Complete Books, Encyclopedia Magica, Spelljammer, and Dark Sun sit on my shelf so I like the idea of using what I can to the parts I love from 3rd edition.
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