[Crescent Moon Kingdoms] Saladin Ahmed needs help

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[Crescent Moon Kingdoms] Saladin Ahmed needs help

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Over in the Al-Qadim group on Facebook, Wolfgang Bauer has posted a request to support Saladin Ahmed, author of Throne of the Crescent Moon:
Wolfgang Baur at Facebook's Al-Qadim group wrote:If you can spare a few bucks for an awesome writer of Arabian fantasy novels, Saladin Ahmed deserves all our support.

And if you have not yet read Throne of the Crescent Moon and you are in this group, get a copy. It's an Al-Qadim novel.
You can read about Saladin Ahmed's problems at a blog entry called: Cap In Hand: The Darker Side of The Writing Life.

You can read about Saladin's Arabian setting in the Crescent Moon Kingdoms mini-guide.

If you want to buy the first novel, and support Saladin Ahmed that way, here are a few Amazon links*: * = Those links use The Piazza's Amazon Affiliate account, so buying a copy will also help contribute towards the hosting fees for The Piazza, when they next need to be paid.
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