Marsh Ogres

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Marsh Ogres

Post by Havard »

There is a brief reference to Marsh Ogres (DAB p 129) in the published material. But what are they like? Do we need separate stats for them? I see a race of Ogres who have specialized in survivng in the Swamps. They use huge hollowed out tree trunks as canoes, wear turtle armor (BMRPG) and wield giant tridents and nets in combat. Some train giant crocodiles as pets and guard animals.

Thoughts on Marsh Ogres in Blackmoor?


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Re: Marsh Ogres

Post by Sturm »

More on their future :-) they went underground to escape persecutions but they came out after the GroF. They scavenged dangerous radiance items and now they have an advanced society in a region of mountains, caves and marshes. Maybe the returned Egg of Coot is trying to take control of them? :-)
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