"AD&D Duel" - Where did this concept originate?

Published 1989.
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"AD&D Duel" - Where did this concept originate?

Post by Havard »

This is something I have only encountered at the Norwegian RPG convention Arcon held annually in Oslo. For many years, one of the regular events was something we referred to as "AD&D Duel". The game itself was a massive arena battle, pitting the players against eachother.

Another important aspect of the game though, was how you generated your character. This is something that each player had do do in advance of the convention.

Each player was given a massive amount of XPs, typically 1.000.000. You could use this XP to gain a higher level, but also to buy Magical Items at the XP cost listed in the DMG.
The players also recieved lots of money to buy mundane equipment.
Finally, you were given a set of numbers to distribute among your ability scores, including Comeliness.

The game was basically an excertise in abusing the rules.

I remember one guy gave himself enough XPs so that he was just below the next level. He then bought a bunch of chickens. During the first round of play, he cast a fireball on the chickens granting him enough XP to gain another level. Some players complained that he could not gain a level in the middle of a battle, but the DM allowed it.

Another year, one guy had brought a Decanter of Endless Water, which he used to fill the entire Arena. The character had also bought a surf board which he used to travel across as the other characters were drowning.

Was this a specific thing for the Oslo gaming convention, or was it something that was done at other conventions too?


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Re: "AD&D Duel" - Where did this concept originate?

Post by thorr-kan »

Had a college roommate who took part in a similar GenCon event back in the 90s. But I don't have any details.

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