[Ulisses] TORG: Aysle now on Kickstarter

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[Ulisses] TORG: Aysle now on Kickstarter

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Aysle is a realm of magic, fantasy, and an eternal struggle between Darkness and Light! It's ruled by High Lord Uthorion —currently inhabiting the body of a Viking warlord—and his Dread Covenent of nightmares, necromancers, and nefarious lords. Uthorion attacked from above and below, with maelstrom bridges crashing down in the sea to bring his Viking raiders, and a massive ritual connecting the underground passages of Aysle to subways, cellars, and caves on Earth. Any break in the ground may now be a portal to treasure and danger.

Within Uthorion’s borders magic is powerful and miracles happen, but technology beyond a flintlock rifle sputter and malfunction. High tech doesn’t belong here, and reality tries to right it and transform items into something accepted by the Ayslish. Storm Knights resist this effect, and may bring modern weapons (and more) to bear against the forces of Darkness.

High Lord Uthorion didn't come to Earth alone. For the last century he had possessed Queen Pella Ardinay, the Lady of Light, and used her to corrupt her forces and undermine her allies: the elves and the last of the dwarves. She was recently slain and resurrected—freeing her—and now she leads the remnants of her armies to Earth in pursuit of her hated foe.

The Aysle source book is an expansion designed for both players and Game Masters. Inside you'll find:

New Perks, Spells, and Miracles for advancing characters. Includes options only available to Beta Clearance Storm Knights, as they learn more about their own abilities and the nature of reality.
Magic Gear! A bevy of new items for adventurers, and random tables for discovering items in coffers or on foes!
An extensive status update for the default timeline. See the course of the first year of the Possibility Wars and the toll it's taken on Great Britain and Scandinavia. Includes a list of ongoing Delphi Council operations and who's who in the Aysle theater of the war.
Get the statistics for the Dark Lord himself, as Uthorion takes matters into his own hands. Defeating him comes at a price, as Pella Ardinay found out the hard way!
New threats. Angered Elementals erupt throughout the realm as raw magic courses across new lands. Knights and wizards roam the roads—many of them selfish and bent towards the ways of Darkness. The Dread Covenant has its own troops: monsters of legend, giants, undead, Vikings, and the foul spawn of Darkness controlled by Uthorion.
Quest generation tables, new Eternity Shards, and more!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ul ... nity-aysle?

Want to play a fantasy character in TORG Eternity? Then this is for you. I missed the last couple of Kickstarters for TORG Eternity cosms, but I will be backing this one.


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