Non-4E Nentir Vale/Points of Light

The civilized world has been reduced to a series of points of light in a great wilderness of danger and monsters.
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Re: Non-4E Nentir Vale/Points of Light

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Doc Necrotic wrote:
Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:09 am
While musing on crossing over of Mystara and the Vale, I found this old thread which probably counts for converting 4E NV material to Basic, since Warlords and Warlocks were both important to the world.
Good find. That reminds me, Timothy Brannan recently released a Warlock class for Old-School Essentials. OSE is a faithful B/X retroclone, so it should be fully compatible with B/X.

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Re: Non-4E Nentir Vale/Points of Light

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This is a very helpful thread, thanks for posting this!
Alex MacNeil

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