The Karameikos PbP, Going Down (IC thread)

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Re: The Karameikos PbP, Going Down (IC thread)

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Sturm wrote:
Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:29 pm
Sythar says you'll try to ride for a part of the night to try to reach Larod's caravan before that city. It's early in the night when some stones begin flying all around you. One hits Lucius on the armor, denting it but doing little damage. Another hits Gara's lizard, forcing here to dismount, almost falling. The cleric lets the pebble fall and you can see quite well what's happening. Black furred bugbears are running toward you with a roar, armed with shields and axes, at least five of them.
Lucius dismounts as well, moving to cover Gara and calling Sythar to do the same, to allow the cleric use a spell before joining the melee.

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Re: The Karameikos PbP, Going Down (IC thread)

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Estkor, you stay here and watch Lotin's house. Lohi, go after the gnome, I'll follow you.

[OC: Bofar will now use his stealth and hiding skills while following Lohi.]

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